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Ascend to the upper reaches of the realm.

Perched atop Eulogy Music Hall, VISUALS Rooftop Bar is the long overdue permanent residence of our natural wine program. An open air habitation of education and socialization.


host your private event with us

Reserve our rooftop bar for your next gathering or celebration. We have a variety of package options and scaling features to suit your needs.

A vessel to hold our liquid VISUALS. Refracting light, casting shadows.vibrating from frequencies beneath, resonating from intentions within.

Soak in the sun and the sounds while you explore our natural wines, ciders and aperitifs along side craft cocktails, locally sourced snacks and a thoughtful list of guest wines.

About our wines

Our grape wines are produced in Geyserville, California with organically grown fruit sourced, almost exclusively, from Sonoma and Mendocino Counties. Head winemaker Evan Lewandowski employs minimal intervention techniques and native yeast fermentation to produce vibrant, highly drinkable wines that are beautifully  representative of the land they come from.

Our ciders our made in Asheville with mostly North Carolina grown apples (though periodically from further afield out of a desire to work with specific varietals not available locally). Co-founder, brewer, winemaker and VISUALS creative director Tim Gormley utilizes native yeast fermentation and long-term neutral oak aging to produce rustic, dry, tart and highly nuanced ciders. His experience with brewing, most notable sour beer production, sometimes results in re-fermentations on other fruits/sugars, spicing, herbal infusions and a general adoration of abstraction and hybridization. 

Our aperitif program was birthed by Tim Gormley's long running adoration for aromatized wine and amaro - generally, highly herbaceous, bittersweet sippers for before or after a meal. Ours are produced from a variety of base wines that are sweetened to some degree (some more than others) and blended or "fortified" with a neutral spirit that was first infused with a multitude of fruits, flowers, leaves, barks, seeds, roots, etc. Tim's approach, more often than not, is to create a completely unique flavor experience with comparatively low levels of sugar and well balanced bitterness. Often possessing 20 or more botanicals, these wines are highly complex and thought provoking and ultimately, fun and memorable for it.

Find Us

We're located on the Burial Beer South Slope campus, on the Eulogy Rooftop.

No pets allowed on the Rooftop. Apologies for the inconvenience.

40 Collier Ave
Asheville, NC 28801

Open 11 AM - 10 PM Daily