Off Topics + VIP

An exclusive perk of our VIP tickets is access to Off Topics, curated conversations that push the motif beyond beer. All Off Topics include exclusive tasting from Burial and our guest breweries.

Scroll down to see more info about VIP pickup and perks.

VIP info


12 PM - Early entry. We will begin processing the line at 11:30AM and beer will start pouring at 12PM.


Your two 500ml bottles and exclusive Burial tote bag will be available at the VIP Tent throughout the festival until 5:45PM. Any bottles opened by non-festival staff during Burnpile will be confiscated. Any VIP packages not claimed at the festival will be forfeited.

Please present your name and VIP wristband to claim.

Proxies will not be allowed.

Off Topics

2024 full schedules and more details coming soon...

Take a look at last years Off Topics:

Collaboration: Intentionality and Brand Vision through Collaboration

  • Doug Reiser - Burial
  • Brock Bill - Alvarado Street
  • Shaun Yasaki - Noble Beast

Into the Unknown: Continued Innovation and Maintaining Relevancy after your First Decade

  • Jen Currier - Wicked Weed
  • Ian - Deer Tick
  • Ben - HiWire

Beyond Beer: Open Spaces and New Frontiers

  • Jess Reiser - Burial
  • Scott Graham - Burial
  • Liz Massey - Two Tides

Curating a Brand Experience: Fostering Connection via Unique Events & Branding

  • Amber Slimm - Burial
  • Kristen Oxtoby - Burial
  • Lucy Henson - Bissell Brothers
  • EJ Nunns - TRVE