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Why Burial?

Burial, for some, is a necessary step to reach the afterlife. At Burial Beer Co., we see it as a celebration: of life, of the cyclical nature of harvest and of the brewing process. We find glory in the things that once were so we choose to celebrate the things that have passed, the things that still are, and the things that will be again.

Do you offer tours?

Yes. Check out our tours page.

What’s the deal with Tom Selleck and Sloth?

First, yes it’s Tom Selleck, not Burt Reynolds. Second, when we first opened we were loaned a rare and beautiful velvet Selleck to display our taproom. Soon after, a portrait of Sloth made its way into our hands and the hearts of all who gazed upon his likeness. Meanwhile, on the outside of our brewery, a need to fill the blank canvas of our bare concrete wall began to grow and gave way to a night of long, arduous and soul-searching conversation among Jess, Doug, and Tim to decide what things were important enough to them to immortalize forever. Should it be our logo? A portrayal of our belief in the beautiful and aching cyclical nature of life and death? A light side/dark side piece that is reflected in all our labels?!Sometimes speaking the most important thing about yourself to the world, means speaking about thing that makes you laugh and brings you joy without fail. And sometimes that means your self portrait looks like a world where Sloth and Tom Selleck are best friends on an urban farm brewery nestled in the Blue Ridge mountains, just living their dream of being best buds.

How long has Burial been open?

Est. June 15th, 2013

Do you have the Donut beer?

Skillet Donut Stout is brewed and released twice a year: January and June. Skillet is distributed during those months so call your local retailer to see if/when they will receive cans/draft.

Why is my beer so hazy?

Unfiltered beer contains some grain proteins, hop particulate and yeast. The simple answer is that these items are still in suspension and that’s what makes a variety of our beers hazy. If it’s hazy, it was intended to be so and is safe to drink.

I’m coming to Burial on XXX date will you still have XXX beer available?

Unfortunately, there is no way for us to know how quickly cans or draft of any of our beers will sell out. Beer can sell out in a single day or several weeks and you, our amazing community, determine how long a beer sticks around.

Burial Taproom:

What are Burial’s hours?

All of our hours are listed below.

Is Burial kid/family friendly?


Is Burial dog friendly?

All of our locations are dog-friendly.

Does Burial have food?

Our South Slope and Forestry Camp locations both serve food. Check out individual taproom pages for an updated menu.

What are kitchen hours?

Anytime we are open.

Where is the Beer/Food/ToGo Menu?

Check out the taproom page for an up to date menu.

Donations/Private Parties/Events/Music:

Who should I contact for charitable donations and/or partnerships?

Does Burial host private events/parties?

Yes! Click over to our private events page.

Who should I contact if I am interested in playing music at Burial?

Burial Distribution/Sales:

Do you sell kegs to individuals?

Sorry, we don’t.

Can I purchase Burial beer online?

Absolutely! Now you can order bottles and cans online from the Asheville or Raleigh shop. Legal restrictions apply to ceratin states, more info here.

Where does Burial Distribute?

Currently, we distribute to North Carolina, Georgia, and New York.

Who do I contact to sell Burial beer at my retail location/restaurant/bar?

NC: [email protected]
GA:, [email protected]

***If you do not see your state listed we currently do not distribute there.