VISUALS // Elicit an Air of Menace // Sparkling Cider (collaboration with Botanist & Barrel)


Description: Produced in collaboration with Botanist & Barrel, this rustic cider was created with a process similar to that of piquette, where a second product is produced from pressed fruit. In this case, the pressed fruit was "feral" or wild, unidentified apples provided by B&B. Instead of rehydrating the pomace with water, here we used our local apple juice. The pomace provides a depth of character and texture, integrating a tannin structure that we don't typically get from our local juice. Collaborations in the natural wine and cider realm can be difficult to conceptualize due to the fact that these products are typically produced with a singular ingredient. Here, we've found a way to seamlessly mesh the worlds of both VISUALS and Botanist & Barrel.

Orchard: Blue Ridge Pure, Hendersonville, NC + feral apples from NC Varietals: Field Blend + Feral Additional Ingredients: None

ABV: 7.4% Production

Notes: Blue Ridge Pure juice was pressed at the orchard in October of 2021. Naturally fermented in an open top field bin atop feral apple pomace (provided by Botanist & Barrel) with native yeast. Pressed off pomace with a bladder press in November of 2021. Fermentation completed in stainless, finishing fully dry. Subsequently aged in oak for 13 months. Conditioned in the bottle for 18 months. Unfiltered. No added sulfites. 

4 pack - 12oz bottles