Bolo Coconut Brown Ale


For wherever you have gone, we shall not know. But we shall forever cherish your return. Behold the emergence of one of the first imbibing experiences we ever offered up to Burial visitors. This is the first of many beers made during our first few years that will return but be presented in 12oz bottles for the very first time. Constructed from nine barley malts, oats, and brown sugar, this smooth brown ale is finished with a hefty addition of real coconut. Enjoy an aroma that reminds you of tropical granola with a smooth maltiness that hints at chocolate and nuts. Baked in our kettle, cured to perfection. A perpetual spectrum of mind-bending examination, in the most drinkable of dark beers.- 5.6% ABV

4 pack – 12oz bottles

Weight: 4.5lbs