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The story of Burial begins long before the inception of our Asheville Taproom.

After living in New Orleans, Doug and Jess Reiser moved to Seattle and were quickly introduced to Tim Gormley and the craft beer scene. The three started a beer blog and deepened roots within the industry, leading to the decision to start their own brewery.

The search for the perfect spot ended when they found Asheville, a town that offered a small, close-knit community with urban attractions such as bars, restaurants, music, and art as well as a connection to local agriculture.

After securing the location in the South Slope District of Asheville, and deciding the name, Burial, inspired by the city of New Orleans, Jess, Doug and Tim moved across the country (in the red van that now adorns the taproom gardens) and set up shop with a 1 barrel system at 40 Collier Ave. in June of 2013.

Forestry Camp & Raleigh

Within one year, demand outpaced production and a 10 barrel system was added and taproom space increased. By 2016, Burial expanded to a new production facility, Forestry Camp – Originally built in the 1930s by the US Government, Forestry Camp was a Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) site housing men stationed to work on the Blue Ridge Parkway, among other environmental construction projects in the area. After sitting almost completely dormant for years after the program’s conclusion in 1942, Tim, Jess, and Doug knew it was time for these 100-year-old buildings to house the next Burial expansion project.

The first phase included a new 20 barrel brewhouse with 60 barrel fermenters, allowing production to keep up with growing demand. The next 5 buildings were then restored and now houses Burial’s main offices, a barrel-aging facility, and winery, as well as the Forestry Camp restaurant.

Expanding The Craft

During the Forestry Camp build-out, The Exhibit Taproom and Bottle Shop in Raleigh came to fruition. Our Raleigh space is a unique exploration of the Burial art world located in Downtown Raleigh’s Transfer Co.

Our passion for craft beverages expanded in 2020 with a new brand, VISUALS, offering wine, cider, and vermouth. VISUALS products are released year-round out of our Asheville and Raleigh taprooms, as well as Forestry Camp.

Burial’s newest wave of expansion includes a new taproom and bottle shop in Charlotte and a new property in Asheville’s South Slope neighborhood on Buxton Ave. The Buxton building, formerly Asheville Hardware, will allow for expansion of Burial’s stout and barrel aging production as well as a VISUALS restaurant.