The Magnificent Dissonance of Expressive Nonsequitur Imperial Stout with Burial's Nonsequitur Decaf Coffee Blend, Strawberries, Toasted Macadamia Nuts, and Madagascar Vanilla Bean


Where vice meets the void. And boundaries might as well persist. The Vegan Decaf Latte is revived once again - bringing us to yet another Burial Coffee release. In order to pull off the legitimacy of a Vegan Decaf Latte, we made our own in-house Macadamia milk from toasted macadamia nuts and added fresh Madagascar vanilla beans to add a richness that trumps your daily cappuccino. Once again, we offer this line of stout out to you without all the jitters, with the release of our newest coffee beans, the Nonsequitur Decaf Blend. This blend is a revolutionary take on the art of decaffeinating coffee beans while elevating their flavors, allowing fermentation with strawberries to naturally expose the beans, before a bath in a solution of ethyl acetate removes the buzz. Ethyl Acetate is a common molecule, often found in abundance in our East Coast-styled IPAs, and reminiscent of sugar cane and aged fruit. Our blend combines these fantastic Columbian beans with washed Colombia Huila EA Decaf and washed Honduras La Paz Mountain Water Decaf to perfect the flavors of strawberry, spice and caramel glaze. We then took some liberties with the spring season, adding in strawberries and vanilla beans for good measure. Sip up some strawberry milkshake, salted caramel smoothie, and macadamia nut chocolate chip cookies.

14.0% ABV

500ml bottle

*Limit 12 Bottles Per Customer