Ready For The Come Down Coffee Soda with Black & White Coffee, Tonic Syrup, Cinnamon and Grapefruit Zest


Oh how fascination grasps us. We become hosts for impulses of tiny beasts and environmental fixtures. We are puppets for newer purposes, finer things. And so here is the genesis of working with coffee in a more "grog-worthy" way. This coffee soda is born of many inspirations, namely the art of coffee fermentation and the elements of cocktail gastronomy. The flavors at play are a melange of fruit, minerality, earth, and spice, melded together to offer an elevated taste exploration during your workday or beyond. We made this beverage with coffee beans from our friends at Black & White in Raleigh, and spiced with cinnamon and grapefruit zest, alongside tonice syrup. Spicy berries, pale chocolate, and citrusy baked goods come to mind as we sip along.

0.0% ABV

4 pack – 12oz bottles