A Burning Nostalgia for a Place That Never Was Bourbon Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout


We are paddling sinking ships through fragments of utopian postulations. Where the contemplated and the actual never see winds go missing. Where the ripples in the sea carry off tiny morsels of intangible dream. This is a place that never was and never will be. And that we shall carry as a reminder of our mortal ends. Our barrel program continues to churn out wonderful opportunities to keep you in spiritous stouts. This batch of 16% Imperial Stout was aged in Willets Bourbon Barrels for over 1 year. We then blended it down with 10% young Imperial Stout to meet our compliance with our wonderful 15% alcohol limit here in NC. This highly-drinkable barrel-aged stou offers up a palate of dried Medjool dates, Toasted figs, bakers chocolate powder, vanilla frosting, and tannery leather.

15% ABV

500ml bottle

*Limit 12 Bottles Per Customer