Behind the Beer

The Infinite Journey Inward

A Glimpse into the Creative Hive Where our Beer is Born.


Naming Our

We stay on a never-ending pathway to our truest selves.

We have to express everything we feel until there is nothing left to give. That is art as we found it. So the labels and accompanying musings serve as a reminder that we are still alive today.

People are always searching for something. We are looking for inspiration at every corner. And yes, we share it in the words on your beverage. We channel moments of impulse, disbelief, curiosity, and discovery. We hope the person who joins the experience finds their own pathway in a place they didn't expect to find it. And their subjective journey is precisely what they need in their moment of reflection.

That is a little vague for some. And that's great that it is. It allows us to share the canvas among ourselves and with our collaborators. It permits us to be serious when we feel it. It permits us to lighten the load when we need it. The story is evolutionary. It should be supportive. It might be easy. It might be tougher to peel through. But it's what you make of it. Sometimes it does not serve you. And you turn the page to another storyline. We will keep on sending them your way.

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Imbibes Designed with Inclusivity at the Core

Burial is certainly a collection of movements. We have found pleasure in recreating traditional styles with intentional ingredients. We have discovered detachment in generating our own designations of malt beverages. And we have done everything in between. The Burial you know today takes pride in crafting with reliably quaffable takes on the styles that are near and dear to us. This means that beer is designed with inclusivity at conception. Beers for you the connoisseur and your friend the rookie. We take pride in building a sensory program that thinks of all palates and making entry to our products achievable on as many levels as possible.

We were thrust into the allure of beer by hops. So these little flowers remain at our core. You will notice their strategic utilization across most of our styles. We select our hops as a team each year, bringing in different and unique profiles that you won't find at other breweries. And thus, our beer is not homogenized. It is intentional. We use the same mentality when selecting purveyors of malt, growers of fruit, and crafters of other adjuncts that define our wild ales and dessert stouts. Our processes are developed to squeeze the most linear profile out of each design. And thus we make a lot of designs, so as not to homogenize flavor in a way that loses its definition. You will find that the difference between our beers is quite significant, due to the use of many yeasts, many fermentation profiles, and abundant divergence in materials.