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Forestry Camp

A renewed vision. A continued evolution.

At Burial Beer we pride ourselves on the immersive experiences which shape the realm in which we exist. Experiences that translate our commitment to our craft across the entirety of our brand. Be it your first beer in our South Slope Taproom, the way in which you interact with the art that graces the walls of our Raleigh Taproom, or the way in which you, our preachers of craft, interact with our packaged grog in the comfort of our home. We believe that no matter how you tap into the Burial Beer experience, your interaction with it should exude the same standard of excellence throughout.

Over the past 2.5 years of navigating the world of Forestry Camp, we’ve kept a firm pulse on the experience that we provide through continued conversation with our customers. We’ve listened to your feedback and our crew’s feedback; you’re both right. The best way to live in the immersive realm of Burial is to fully embrace a new Burial Beer experience at our Forestry Camp property. One that provides a unique window into the entirety of the Burial Beer production brewery, creative operations hive and VISUALS realm.

We will be taking a well-needed rest and reflection for the month of January so that we can open anew on February 4th and welcome you into the new Burial Beer realm. Focusing on a taproom lounge experience, new spaces and venues, and immersive tours. Naturally, we had to have killer new grub from the team of Chefs, the latest VISUALS wine and cider, a list of some of the most incredible wines from friends of Burial, and one hell of an upgraded cocktail list.

Stay tuned over the coming month as we roll out more details on the new Burial Beer experience at our Forestry Camp facility.

Cheers to the new year,

Jess, Doug & Tim


10 Shady Oak Dr. Asheville, NC 28803