The Virtue of Patience Bourbon Barrel-Aged Barleywine (2024 Vintage)


Glory is impermanent. We age, we wither, we perish. And our death bed is adorned in a glimpse of our finest impressions. You are seeing clearly, our 2024 vintage heads into your hands just ahead of the New Year for the very first time. We are finally able to celebrate the birth of a new spin together with our finest strong ale. We welcomed our taproom at Forestry Camp with Virtue's inaugural vintage in 2019. Here is our sixth chapter. Our 2024 vintage is a bit stronger than normal and was aged in a blend of Willets Bourbon Barrels for varying degrees of time between 1 and 2 years. This blend was once again championed by our barrelmaster, Chris Golden, who dug out his very best picks for this year's cuvee. Warm up with a bevy of caramel, toasted marshmallow, dark chocolate and tahitian vanilla on the aroma, leading into flavors molasses, candied pear, toasted coconut, vanilla, and mission fig.

14% ABV

500ml bottle

*Limit 12 bottles per order