The Darkest Thoughts of the Beautifully Unsympathetic Imperial Stout with Videri Cocoa Nibs and Toasted Coconut (Collaboration with Videri Chocolate)


Creation is our river of purpose seeping through the loam of our collective identity. And from its fertile shores we harvest a bounty of perspective. Cascading us into the arms of those never seen. A blend of four of our most decadent stout bases tempered to 13% was met with swaths of Tanzanian cocoa nibs sourced and roasted by our Raleigh neighbors Videri Chocolate Factory before being conditioning on our largest dose of macaroon coconut to date to produce a decadent experience of dark chocolate mounds bar sundae topped with toasted coconut and drizzled with hot fudge.

13.0% ABV

Weight: 3.5lbs

500ml bottle