Seasoned Skillet Bourbon Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout with Burial Skillet Coffee Beans


Left upon the fires for eternity. Seeped into our maniacal necessities. And heralded in the perils of our most joyous occasions. Unearthed again, as Seasoned Skillet. A 15.5% blend of our finest Imperial Stout, 100% in Willets Bourbon barrels, brought back to legal limits with a small dose of young fresh Imperial Stout. Carefully amalgamated and touched this year with our very own Burial Coffee Skillet Breakfast Blend to form our most intentional approach to Seasoned Skillet, ever. Our coffee this year is comprised of a hand-selected blend of coffee beans from farms in Guatemala, Ethiopia, and Colombia. A quite surprising deluge of milk chocolate pecan praline, creme brulee with bourbon cream, and vanilla-frosted tiramisu.

15% ABV

500ml bottle

*Limit 12 Bottles Per Customer