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Upcoming Events:

Collaboration Release:

Saturday, January 27th at 12pm

Join us for a dock sale of our Other Half Brewing and Night Shift Brewing Collaboration beers at 12pm.

One for Me Helles-Style Lager is brewed with 100% Light German Pilsner malt, decocted and dosed with German Grungeist hops in the whirlpool. Lagered appropriately. Made with our brothers and sisters at Other Half Brewing. 16oz-4packs. Limited Distro.

One for You Helles-Style Lager is aged on upon pineapple, coconut and vanilla beans and dry-hopped with Mosaic lupulin powder. Made with the obliging team at Other Half Brewing. 16oz-4pack. No distro.

Jumping the Pool is a Table Sour with Pink Lemonade Blueberries. Fermented in wine barrels and made from 100% NC grain from Riverbend and Carolina Ground. Aged 6 months in wood and then re-fermented on NC pink lemonade blueberries. Bottle Conditioned. Made with our friends at Night Shift Brewing, who dig epic stuntman films as much as we do. 750ml. No distro.


Weekly Releases:

Friday, January 18th

Ceremonial Session IPA Feat. 100% Mosaic & Simcoe Lupulin Powder

Brewed with a different hop focus each time this session IPA is carved from Pilsner, flaked barley, wheat and oats and is saddled with a new hop vision quest each time it is canned. This batch features a dry-hop of 100% Mosaic and Simcoe Lupulin Powder.

|4%|1.040|35|Hazy Blonde

***Available in 16oz-4packs. Limited Distro.


Available Cans/Bottles:

  • The Prayer Belgian Blonde w. Mango & Honey – 16oz-4packs = $11
  • Massacre of the Innocents IPA – 12oz-6packs = $14
  • The Veracity of Soulgazing IPA w. Honey (collab with Dry & Bitter) – 16oz-4packs = $15
  • The Earth As We Now Know It TIPA – 16oz-4packs = $18
  • Bloodtusk Kellerbier Lager – 16oz-4packs = $11
  • Massacre of the Innocents – 16oz-4pack = $14
  • Shadowclock Pilsner – 16oz-4packs
  • Surf Wax IPA – 12oz-6packs = $13
  • Gang of Blades DIPA – 16oz-4packs = $16
  • Griddle Imperial Espresso Stout – 12oz-4packs = $16
  • Whence We Came Imperial Black IPA collab with Asheville Brewing Company – 16oz-4packs = $16
  • Ulfberht Baltic Porter with Juniper Berry – 16oz-4pack = $14
  • Skullsaw Sweet Potato Porter – 16oz-4packs = $13
  • Hawkbill IPA – 16oz-4packs = $13
  • The Triumph of Death Sumac Saison – 750ml bottles = $16
  • The River to Hell Runs Red Dark Sour – 500ml bottles = $16
  • The River to Hell Bleeds Black Dark Sour – 500ml bottles = $16
  • The Separation of Light & Darkness Mixed Culture Saison – 750ml bottles = $16

Save the Date:

Three Day Mardi Gras Celebration

Feb 11th-13th

Come celebrate Mardi Gras at Burial with Live Music, regionally inspired cuisine from Salt & Smoke, and a NOLA themed beer release every day.