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January 11 2019 5:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Beer Release

Experience through a night of curated music and beer, the duality of life- the balance between the light and dark. 

4PM Beer Release
5PM Tim’s Magic Playlist Begins

Dual Can + Bottle Release

Crown of Divination Chai Imperial Stout – Collaboration with Trophy Brewing (16oz cans)
along with Censured for Vices Foudre Aged Pils- Collaboration with Brewery Bhavana (12oz bottles) and Ulfberht Baltic Porter (16oz cans)

Shadowclock Lager Can Promo All Day: Buy 2 or more 4 packs and get a Burial glass

$5 off David Paul Seymour Lightside/Darkside Can Label Prints