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Where Everything Was Perfect in the Pits Of Aimless Dissatisfaction

Imperial Stout with Madagascar and Mexican Vanilla Beans, Macaroon Coconut, Milk Sugar, Meyer Lemon, and Candy Confetti

So we watched. With piercing hopefulness. With unrelenting impatience. With an undeniable penchant for a glory once ignored. And it all remained. It became us. It stitched itself into our skin. It nestled within our bones. Until when. An anthem for an unhinged equilibrium that we must endure. When we celebrate each new year, we blow out the lights on the imprint of our past. So we bake for you a New Year’s Day delicacy, a vanilla cream coconut layer cake. A blend of 5 Imperial stouts aged with a record dose of Madagascar and Mexican vanilla beans, toasted macaroon coconut flakes, creamy milk sugar, and a tiny spritz of Meyer Lemon zest—before dosing it with candied confetti. Slice off your layer cake, topped with coconut custard, vanilla frosting, and buttercream cookie crumble.