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Updated November 20, 2020. Our Asheville Taproom and Raleigh Taproom are now open with to-go and outdoor seating only. Forestry Camp is open with heated outdoor seating and an indoor Tasting Menu experience. Click here to order online. Thanks!
The Blood of Darkness
Collaboration with
Onyx Coffee Roasters

Imperial Stout with Hazelnut, Coffee, Vietnamese Cinnamon, and Vanilla Bean

A companion for wandering into the emptiness. Your guide through the array of hardship and confusion. And a guiding light to the answers that may rest within your mind. A voluptuous new take on an old favorite combination, emboldened up to 15% with a careful blend of 4 different batches of our treasured big stout base. We then aged this ale upon a record amount of toasted hazelnuts, the prized Monarch coffee blend from @onyxcoffeeroasters, whole Madagascar vanilla beans and a dash of @spicewalla cinnamon. Enrich your inner aura with tones of Nutella tiramisu, hazelnut truffle, and holiday Frappuccino topped with vanilla cream.