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Untold Volumes of Belligerent Indecision

Imperial Stout with Roasted Pistachio, Cinnamon, Vanilla Bean, and a dab of Coffee
Paralyzed by the dizzying array of choice. Neither here nor there. Suspended in the ether of entropy, a moment in eternity, enter the pits of forever. An assemblage of five of our finest bases blending to 14%, this stout conditioned on heaping amounts of house roasted pistachio, a decadent blend of Madagascar and Tahitian vanilla bean, deft additions of @spicewalla cinnamon, and a dash of East African coffee roasted by @onyxcoffeelab. Crunch into notes of pistachio cannoli coated in a cinnamon sugar glaze, powdered in cocoa and dunked into your morning latte.