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Until Madness Subsides We Remain Neverstill

Imperial Stout with Toasted Almonds, Toasted Coconut, Cocoa Nibs, Thai Banana, Orange, Maple Syrup, Cinnamon, and Vanilla Bea

In every moment. In each impulse. The next world becomes more real. And it is with caution that we remain endeavored to only but a brief existence. For eternal understanding is the destiny of those who seek it. The final canvas of a motion with our friends at 3 Sons Brewing in Florida. This is our second rendition of a stout project we started last year. This one starts with a complex blend of 5 different imperial stouts to provide the depth we need for such an intense expression of the style. We then aged the stout blend with toasted thai banana, toasted macaroon coconut, toasted almonds, maple syrup, Spicewalla cinnamon, French Broad Chocolate cocoa nibs, sea salt, lots of fresh Madagascar vanilla bean and a simple dose of fresh orange zest. Peel back the layers of molten almond joy, caramel macchiato, toasty coconut hot chocolate, and maple bananas foster.