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Unhinged Ideologies from the Menagerie of Minds

All of us. All of you. Right here. In this moment. A collaboration from our collective teams here at Burial. This has become perhaps the most excellent thing that we have yet to do at Burial. Making this beer together allows us to slow down, and collect input from our entire team on a beer, independent of our creative leadership, in a way that allows them to truly collaborate on a thematic presentation that is important to us as a culture. We worked together to support our community, determining that 100% of the beer’s net profits will be donated to @naminorthcarolina and their mission of providing accessible mental health support. This collaborative process allows us to peel away the subjectivity in our brand, while enabling everyone to peer closer into the realms of creativity, community, and connectivity that fuel what we do as a company. Artistic expression is within us all, but to channel it in a way that defines what our culture and brand represent is truly a work that can only be made by the many. So this year we touched on a variety of influences to forge this delicate German-inspired, but Americanized sessionable ale, made with Epiphany Craft Malt Pils and Tidewater Golden Rice, accented with Riverbend malted spelt, and hopped with Huell Melon and experimental hop HBC 1019. We added pink peppercorns and Calendula flowers to this brew to create accentuated aromatics, ripe for spring. A bright and vibrant bouquet of fresh apricot, lilac, citrus blossoms, and sweet morning breads.

Other Ingredients