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Unavoidable Narrative

8 billion individual journeys form our world, each more different than the last. And all we are is a projection of self, a journey inward in need of our own shaping. We’ve had a lot of moments of ego battling, idea wrangling, rationality harnessing and perpetual confusion in these 9 spins around the sun. And if there’s anything we’ve learned its that life is all about our subjective perspectives. Because the canvas cannot always be shared. Sometimes humans just want their own palette. Vince Tursi and Mark Goodwin, both Burial Alumni, have begun to write their own stories at DSSOLVR and Cellarest, respectively, and have returned to give us one amalgamated expression of unanimous agreement. An oak lagered pilsner brewed with Riverbend Malting floor malted Czech Pilsner malt and whirpooled with 3 pounds per barrel of Hallertau Blanc, Hallertauer Hersbrucker, and Spalter Select. Crack open a bottle and experience a beautifully balanced dialogue of wildflowers, crushed gooseberry, delicate citrus peel and crisp sourdough.