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This Is All Much Too Subtle to Be Translated to the Intangible

Imperial Stout with Toasted Macadamia Nuts, Black Winter Truffles, Madagascar Vanilla Bean, Honey, and Sea Salt

So here it is. Treading water in a puddle that it stumbled upon. Nearly under the surface. Yet just enough air to breathe. And lifted from the depths by immeasurable adoration. A simple rationality that baptizes anew. The vicious cycle of perpetuity has never fared these minds so well. As we purge with the season’s end, we figured it time to spread wings. So this stout is not a blend, but instead of a single small batch, fermented with black truffle honey and local honey. We then aged it upon freshly-shaven black winter truffles from Burgundy for aromatics, house-toasted Macadamia nuts for body, and sea salt and freshly-scraped vanilla bean for richness. What else to be, but undefinable. A ramekin of black truffle chocolate pot de creme, topped with a hand-torched truffle honey creme brulee, and paired with a young Tawny Port.