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This Feasting Tempest of Death At The Temple of Dissatisfaction

Imperial Stout with Toasted Hazelnut, Coconut, Orange Zest, and Mexican Vanilla Bean

We are each a reverberation of intangible energy set into form. Yet we ignore the importance of our places in the cosmos. And we are each essential to the workings of this mad world. That shall be something of a savior when the waves of discontent crash down. So let us finish yet another loop through the curiosity of our own humanity. This stout represents the awakening of a new time and place. We melded together 4 different stout bases to create a creamy, lingering depth that holds up the untold bounty of toasted hazelnuts we placed upon it. We then aged it with toasted coconut, raw coconut, fresh orange zest and hand-scraped Mexican vanilla beans in order to build each layer of this New Year’s cake in a vessel. Welcome in the aromas of chocolate hazelnut tart, with a dollop of rich coconut custard, washed down with an orange cream frappe.