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This Blasphemous Laminated Lambasting Nonsensicalness

Imperial Stout with Fresh Baked Croissants and Chocolate
(Collaboration with TRVE Brewing & OWL Bakery)
Empty your mind of all your once knew to be true. For the definition of damnation is written in the blood of menacing bastardization. A coming together in the quest to end the grim era of demonization. A chance for perhaps that which never deserved it. So we strapped Mr. Coleman into a straight jacket and forced him to watch the ruination of what he believed to be so pure, and as he grimaced toward the mutilation we left behind, it appeared to be a sign of satisfaction, if only for a moment. This collaboration throws all rules to tomb. Working with our friends at Trve Brewing, we lusted over the concept of working with lords of lamination over at OWL Bakery, in a Pan Au Chocolat stout that does not diminish the beauty of croissant by trying to concoct it from confectionary flavors in our usual coffers. So we brewed at 15%, 6 hour boiled stout with Trve, and aged it upon loads of freshly-baked croissants from OWL Bakery, select Cocoa Nibs from French Broad Bakery and a touch of whole Madagascar vanilla beans. The result is out the oven chocolate chess pie, buttery eclairs, german chocolate cake and of course, fresh-baked West Asheville lamination allure.