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Thirty Years of Confounding Outrage and Haunting Disbelief for a Victory That Was Neverthere

Imperial Stout with Cocoa Nibs, Guava, Cinnamon, and Ancho Chilis

Time will not stop. Time ushers onward toward calamity, into damnation. No fantasy bewilders it. No force topples it. And its wake you may find that a different realm became of its path. A space where your creativity took no shape without it. That place where we forged our best relationships, those sparked in inspiration and grounded in laughter. Today we celebrate more than 10 years of friendship with the good folk at Salud as a backbone of our 1 year in Charlotte at the House of Relics. This hyper-elegant stout was born of a blend of several bases, and aged with fresh guava, aged ancho chilis, Spicewalla cinnamon, and a host of French Broad Chocolate cocoa nibs. Waft over the spiced hot cocoa, creole chocolate cake, and Pastelios de Guayaba sprinkled with espresso beans.