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Things We See in the Darkness Dwell in the Damnation of the Unforgiven

Stout Imperial Stout with Candy Pumpkins, Caramels, Honey, Dulce de Leche, Cocoa Butter, and Tahitian Vanilla Bean
Only that which is inside your skull shall truly know the boundary between real and imagined. This congregation of deep memories once again sinks within your projection of what may be. And so does this feast of deceit, gluttony and unrelenting ruin. A depiction of your early days, wrapped in a veil of perpetual bliss. A blend of 4 different Imperial Stouts, aged upon orange blossom honey, dulce de leche, French Broad Chocolate cocoa butter, whole Tahitian vanilla beans and a smattering of real candy pumpkins. Inside your finest reflections you will find a grip of candy corns, gooey old fashioned caramel cremes, sugared marshmallow Peeps and the threat of imminent demise. This plague among your senses. This gift from the beyond.