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These Sacred Trespasses Against the Misunderstood

Imperial Stout with Toasted Macadamia, Blueberry, Cocoa Butter, Maple Syrup and Vanilla Bean
Sometimes all that awaits us is a question. Something of our own doing. And as we arrive we are left with nothing but our previous decisions and the next step to endure. A fellowship of embarkments toward an infinite nothingness. A blend of four carefully selected and blended stouts create the base of this offering that was then aged upon house caramelized macadamia nuts, swaths of organic blueberries, shaved @viderichocolate cocoa butter, hand scraped Madagascar vanilla, and finally a heartfelt soaking of maple syrup. Tap into your longing towards the void and enjoy this stack of blueberry pancakes, topped with white chocolate coated macadamia nuts, and finished with grade A dark maple syrup.