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The World the Mortals Returned

Imperial Stout with Toasted Pecans, Chocolate, and Vanilla Bean

Some things shall be obliged to live on forever. They are not to be contrived. They are not meant to rot away. And despite our very human ways of discombobulating that which invokes elation, sometimes we let idols remain. The past calendar year has made it clear that pecans and nibs reign supreme in this brewing space. Our work with bean-to-bar makers has given us the ability to match flavor profiles with precision. And that’s what this stout aims to deliver. A blend of 3 different Imperial Stouts, both young and old. We decided to flip the script and work with Videri Chocolate Tanzanian and Philippine cocoa nibs on this one, in order to coerce some rich fudgy flavors from the bean. We also aged it with a record amount of Mexican and Madagascar vanilla beans and of course, our house-roasted Southern pecans. A buffet of Orleansian praline, nutty fudge, and vanilla cream streaked chocolate ganache.