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The Wake of Time’s Cruel Slaughter is Neverfading

Imperial Stout with Coffee, Toasted Coconut, Almond Butter, and Cinnamon

Arising with the resurrection of dawn. Awake to the trials of the day’s bloodied carcass. Allured by the promise of triumph. And awash in the ritualistic sense that victory lays in wait. A tale of our morning doldrums, told to us by our Director of Facilities, Zach Hilyer. We decided to turn his daily rites into our newest stout, a careful blend of 4 different young and well-conditioned Imperial Stouts. We aged this beer upon a carefully selected bevy of Counter Culture Big Trouble Coffee, house-toasted and untoasted macaroon coconut, some toasted blanched almonds, and some Spicewalla Vietnamese Cinnamon. Wake to almond butter french toast, spiced coconut latte, and mocha tiramisu.