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Translucent Melon
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Golden Sour Ale with Peaches and Nectarines (2021 Harvest)

The time has arrived, quite earlier than you expected. A Nouveau approach is being embraced each year on the beer we hope presents the most vibrant fruit aromatics. As we have come to admire most, the freshness of the fruit is best accentuated early in aging, and thus we have fostered a shortened bottle conditioning process to get it in front of you in its youthful glow. The continuation of our wildest dreams and most simple desires, this classic Golden Ale is made with NC barley and wheat from Riverbend Malt before aging in our Brunello Foudre. We then go through a second round of aging in neutral wine barrels before resting this sour ale upon almost 3 pounds per gallon of fresh Carolina peaches, and for the first time ever some Carolina Nectarines. The resulting fluid is canned white peach, oven-baked turnover, rich Vouvray Sec, and refreshing peach lemon iced tea.