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Updated November 20, 2020. Our Asheville Taproom and Raleigh Taproom are now open with to-go and outdoor seating only. Forestry Camp is open with heated outdoor seating and an indoor Tasting Menu experience. Click here to order online. Thanks!
Imperiled in Emptiness
Collaboration with
Forestry Camp Bar & Restaurant

Imperial Stout with with Pecan, Peanut, Cashew, Hazelnut, Banana, and Coconut

The faint glimmer of guiding light, way down in the cavernous spaces of unknown desolation. A way to attest to the waking call of our great wild surroundings. The nourishing morsel of excellence you deserve as you cascade into the marvels of nature this fall season. Inspired by our vision of the perfect trail companion, this stout was made with Forestry Camp roasted Pecans, Peanuts, Cashews and Hazelnuts, alongside accompanying doses of dried Wild Thai bananas and big fancy shredded coconut. Plate up some crumbled german chocolate cake, fluffernutter cliff bars dipped in cashew butter, and a sip of hazelnut macchiato with coconut milk cream.