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The Pit of Infinity
Collaboration with
Eighth State Brewing

Imperial Stout with Roasted Pecan, Madagascar Vanilla, Coconut, Thai Banana, and Maple

They ran us through the gauntlet of maniacal thought, pushing past every logical conclusion, needing more. The infinite paradox of dissatisfaction. A plague upon all our backs. The newest novel of our collaborations with Eighth State Brewing. We started with the core of our most delightful Infinite Nothing and compounded it with the spoils of Savage Kingdom. Made with an unparalleled amount of roasted pecans, the same dose of toasted coconut, vanilla bean and maple syrup, and a host of delightful wild Thai banana. Drowned in banana foster pralines, coconut creme pie, and vanilla frosted maple cake. A fine way to spell the disintegration of this sordid tale of 2020.