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The Heavenly Atmosphere of Unrelenting Nothingness

Imperial Stout with Toasted Hazelnuts, Cocoa Nibs, Toasted Coconut, Madagascar Vanilla Bean, and Sea Salt

There are days where we spiral outside our boundaries. Allured to the smell of demise and the aura of disaster. This emptiness is a jacket we must wear. And a pathway of morbidity we must endure. This new stout is an evolution of Realm, our very first massive stout, utilizing a blend of 4 different stout bases to maximize decadence. We then aged the beer with house-toasted hazelnuts, French Broad Chocolate select Cocoa Nibs, toasted coconut, scraped and chopped whole vanilla bean and a touch of sea salt. Welcome yourself into the cavern of Nutella milkshake topped with vanilla whip, coconut cream filled ganache and a slice of warm German chocolate cake.