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The Fortress of Immaculate Thought

Barrel-Aged Sour Ale with Blueberries

Entombed in the past, awaiting the reckoning. A passing of the time, of the torch, and of the realm of ideas. Old ideas are poisonous, leeching into your monotony with mundane repetition. And that, we lay to rest. This year, our endeavor with the wonderful dark fruit of our mountainsides is blended upon beautiful golden sour ale, allowing the fruit to not conflict with darker, more complex malt, and being vulnerable to showcasing its raw spice and wild character. This golden ale was brewed with local raw wheat and barley and brewed with house-aged Hallertauer hops before sitting in neutral oak barrels for over a year. We then aged the beer with 1,000 pounds of fresh local blueberries for many months before bottle conditioning brings it to its final composition. Search for fresh harvest Beaujolais, dried raspberries, mixed berry smoothie, and a waft of blueberry kush.

Other Ingredients