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The Depiction of a Comfort Neverknown

Imperial Stout with Philippine, Guatemalan, and Tanzanian Cocoa Nibs, and Sea Salt

Somewhere the answer lays. Pilfered of all its intention. Awash in the landscape of the splendid and the damned. Glowing through the grim aura of carnage left untethered. A meeting of minds, each erased by the functional despair of a time unforgiving. A collaboration with our friends at Raleigh’s Videri Chocolate. Made to showcase the wide spectrum of cocoa nib flavors and aromas, we aged a blend of 4 different imperial stouts upon Philippine, Tanzanian, and Guatemalan cocoa nibs to grasp sun-dried raisin, citrus, fudge, and other immaculate aromatics. We then added a coating dose of Bull’s Bay Sea Salt to round out our Carolina treat. Expect a warming mocha latte, salted caramel pie with ribbons of milk chocolate fudge, and an unwrapped figgy bon bon.

Other Ingredients