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The Bounds of Visionary Unreality Will Exist Nevermore

Imperial Stout with Strawberry, Chocolate, Roasted Peanuts, Vanilla Bean, Brown Sugar and Almond (Collab with French Broad Chocolate)

Things appear to us. They manifest among the vast welcoming of possibility. And upon the back of our confinements, we persist in a belief that impossibility shall cause them to perish. But then again, if you’ve been where we have dwelled these long days, our future just may be projected by the might of great human potential. A nostalgia-inspired, state of being, enjoyed again with our friends at French Broad Chocolate. We had so much fun with our first collaboration, we decided to step up our collaborative processes and pair our makings as a single experience for you all to enjoy. Inspired by the strawberry drumstick we used to hail down from our neighborhood sweet slanger. Aged with a double dosing of French Broad Chocolate selected cocoa nibs, Strawberries, Roasted Peanuts, Brown Sugar, Almond and Madagascar vanilla beans. We will pair this monster of decadence with French Broad’s killer Strawberry Chocolate Waffle Bonbon Bar, beautifully made by our comrades. Its a load of chocolate-dipped strawberries, soft serve dipped in crushed peanuts, and freshly-ironed waffles smothered in vanilla cream.