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The Abominable Damnation of Creatures Nevertold

Imperial Stout with Chocolate, Pistachio, Orange Peel, Nutmeg, Cinnamon, and Madagascar Vanilla Bean

We are not yet finished dreaming. It could be our everything. All we needed. And it could be nothing at all. So what fragments remain from time’s amalgamated imprint? What imprints shall we have distorted so far that we found a whole new world. A celebration of yet another incredibly resounding trip around the great glowing orb that keeps us waking each morning. A blend of 4 imperial stouts, aged upon French Broad Chocolate select Cocoa nibs, Videri Chocolate Cocoa beans, house-roasted pistachios, freshly zested orange peel, Spicewalla Vietnamese cinnamon, nutmeg and some Madagascar vanilla bean. Open your embrace to mild Mexican hot chocolate, slices of chocolate pistachio cake, mocha egg nog, and all the wonders of the aura of Winter.