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So That We Succumb To the Creative Rhythm of Our Grave Misunderstanding

Imperial Stout with Black & White Coffee Co-Fermented with Cinnamon, Cocoa Butter, Orange Zest and Vanilla Bean

And with this we start our script. One written by many hands. One in which we are prisoners of this eternal conflict. One where we flock to our temples of dissatisfaction and drown in the abyss of the never still. And to this, we owe this blend of 5 of our choicest stout bases created to highlight a special coffee from our friends at @blackwhiteroasters that was co-fermented with cinnamon before roasting. On top of this, we added cocoa butter, fresh orange zest, and Madagascar vanilla bean to create a unique offering full of whipped espresso cream topped with grated orange zest, luscious mocha shakes, and Coca-Cola floats from the summers of yesteryear.