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From backyards to mountaintops, for the good times ahead. The good folklore of creative exploration. It’s the gospel delivered by Gear Patrol in their elevating storytelling. Working with these insightful journeyers we learned a lot about the connection between maker and user, and the barriers our traditional marketplace installs preventing a heightened relationship between the two. So we formulated and approachable accompaniment for your own exploration, respectful of tradition, embracing of innovation, and accessible for those users who want to hear the tale straight from the people behind it. This Helles-style lager is made with Epiphany Helles malt and Oats, and a dab of German Munich to prevent anyone from forgetting the road to now. We hopped the beer with all American-grown renditions of classic European hops, using whirlpool doses of Coleman Agriculture Liberty, HopHead Farms Zuper Zazzer, and Segal Ranch Cascade. The bounty of three damn fine American growers, rooted in inspiration, yet beaming for new concepts. The beer was then fermented low and slow under pressure for natural carbonation. We then lagered it for many weeks before krausening it with fermenting beer. The result is a culmination of your summer dreamscape, beaming with citrus zest, fresh sourdough and traces of the field. We offer this beer Direct to Consumer only, as a way to connect y’all back to the story of the makers who built it.