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People Power Mild

All aboard. It’s time to get out of our Burial minds, and into our own brains. We are one week away from a hell of an election. And we hope you are all as ready to ring your voice as we. Throughout 2020, we have released a bevy of People Power hoppy ales, raising funds for the ACLU’s People Power movement, with the intention of raising awareness of voting rights, easing the registration process and providing free voter education. We are proud to have such righteous customers, from every viewpoint, who have rallied to support this cause and get ready to make their ways to the polls. Here is one last kick in the shin, a final bellowing call to get out there are scream your anthem. This is our obnoxiously American take on Dark Mild, made with a lighter dose of dark malt, a more rich base of oats, and a hefty helping of new harvest Triumph hops. The resulting quaff is loads of roasted nuts, stone fruit bon bon, bubble gum and mocha roast.