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Paradoxical Contemplations of Nonsequitur

Imperial Stout with Decaf Coffee, Toasted Oat Milk, Vanilla Bean, Caramel, and Sea Salt

A whole world of demons, entombed by all who can embrace the altar of intention. For there are many pits within which to drown. And we’ve built an ark that fits us all. The newest chapter in our Vegan Decaf Latte series, this one takes on the task of Salted Caramel Vegan Decaf Macchiato. Utilizing a house made oat milk from house-toasted oats, and a hefty dose of Brooklyn’s Sey Coffee Jaime Figueroa Cantillo Columbian Decaf Coffee. To elevate this walk down tremor-free coffee imbibing, we added doses of whole bean Madagascar Vanilla, Caramel, and sea salt. For this one, you’re going into Bushwick’s underbelly, in a calming, but chilly never-ending mist, to dry up with out the oven caramel cookie bars, mocha lattes with steamed oat milk, and a scoop of salted caramel topped vanilla ice cream.