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Old Black Hen 2022 Release

Dark Sour Ale with Touriga National and Tinta Cão Grapes

Roaming aimlessly across the plane of earthen continuance. Continuously, and forever, baffled by our own existence. Our annual exposition into the belly of fine wine and wild beer has met its final composition. This hybrid sour ale and wine was blended from a blend of 2-year-old red sour ales aged in red wine barrels. The beer is then blended with the naturally-fermented wine of our 2020 harvest Touriga National and Tinta Cão grapes. These grapes were picked, destemmed and foot treaded in California with our good friend, Evan Lewandowski of Ruth Lewandowski Wines, and then fermented upon their own skins with their natural yeast back at our winery here in Asheville. An extremely unique hybrid drinking experience that combines the natural fermentations of this Portuguese grape blend and our sour program, blended together, as a truly remarkable hybrid beverage rife with sweet plum marmalade, toasted blackberry tart, bubbly lambrusco and the spice of wild fervor down in the hay bales.