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Nothing in Between

The crossing of our cosmic frequencies is a sometimes serendipitous spectacle. The connectivity of humanity hangs in the balance of common threads. And our penchant for sedative sound brought us to Beach Fossils 10 years ago while we cut our teeth at brewing in Seattle. The utter monotony of beer consumption is often shattered in the layering of noise to our environments. And the confluence of the two is seldom appreciated as much. But we find the culmination of our shared experiences to be both a killer inspiration and a hell of a relapse into those early days. To celebrate 10 years of collective music and beer, we brewed this wonderful beer with our 2019 Burnpile headliners, blended together in January 2020 during their last visit to our beloved Mothlight. This golden ale was first fermented in steel and aged in neutral wine barrels with mixed culture for over a year. The brilliant clean lemony acid that develops from our house bacteria is the perfect palette for freshly-zest tangerines, and a tiny dose of fresh-squeezed juice. The beer paints your palate with buckets of tangelo, Meyer lemon pie, skin contact Vermentino, and a touch of oak and vanilla. Everything. All I need. Nothing in between.

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