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Not All the Spoils are Rancid Uselessness

Imperial Stout with Cashew, Sesame, Honey, Marshmallow, Sea Salt, and Cinnamon

Rise to seize this bounty, but what ends justify these means. Through the exploitative nature of modernity how many blind eyes will you turn. Enshroud your being and enter this sub terrain of plenty. This stout is a blend of 3 of our finest bases blended down to 13% and conditioned on orange blossom honey. We then aged it upon a plentiful blend of black and regular sesame and gobs of house toasted cashew blended with marshmallow and vanilla bean and a pinch of Spicewalla cinnamon. Revel in chewy honey cashew clusters, decadent sesame mochi and mountains of vanilla bean marshmallow fluff.