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Lessons in Solitude: Portrait II

Imperial Stout with Blood Orange Zest, Cocoa Nibs, Sey Coffee, Toasted Oats, and Vanilla Bean

And yet, when we steep in the mirth of our very mortal treasures, we shall be forever enlightened to the portal of grand opportunity. The days have passed, and so has perspective. A second depicture of a state of being with our friends at Hudson Valley Brewery. This stout was our first dabbling in the production of alcohol outside our legal bounds, tempered back with lower alcohol and well-aged Imperial Stout to concoct a beautiful array of depth right at the legal line. We then aged the beer upon French Broad Chocolate Nicaraugan Cocoa Nibs, Sidama-grown Ethiopian Landrace coffee beans from Sey Coffee in Brooklyn, house-toasted oats, Madagascar vanilla bean and fresh zest of blood oranges. An amalgamation of citrus pastry cream inside chocolate ganache, served aside blood orange galette with a soft serve swirl cone.