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It Was Too Late to Quantify the Dangers of Imaginative Misrepresentation

It Was Too Late To Quantify The Dangers of Imaginative Misrepresentation Imperial Stout with Raspberry, Toasted Coconut, Cocoa Butter, and Vanilla Bean
They are the voices of the new covenant. A silence in the spaces unbeknownst to the shadows. That which rings through the insulation of our universe with untold harmonies. Where you can hear their unloved weeping like the rain above. A moment to rise to support their call. And one to wash away your petty grievances with ubiquitous embrace. A blend of 6 of our finest stout bases creates the ultimate canvas for our newest imperial offering: a 13% symphony of select raspberries, house toasted coconut, premium cocoa butter from Raleigh’s own @viderichocolate and vanilla bean of Madagascar. Expect a decadent display of white chocolate raspberry truffles, coconut dusted donuts, pillows of vanilla cream, and a keen understanding of a world re-imagined.