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Immortal Initiation of the Naysayer

Imperial Stout with Dulce de Leche, Coffee, and Vanilla Bean

Sayeth not what you will do without challenge. But remember to hail the disruption of your mundane travails, for the chaos shall infuse your journey with beautiful distortion. Yeah, it was a hell of a spin. Yet in our second year here at the Exhibit in Raleigh, our grotto grew fivefold into a spacious lair of festivity. And when the tide turns again, these tomb walls shall grow again. Thanks to all of you who keep coming out. So we whipped up something just for y’all. Our very finest blend of five different batches of Imperial Stout, ranging from 13% to 15%, to find a precisely meticulous froth. We then aged the beer with Onyx Coffee Roasters Southern Weather blend of Colombian and Ethiopian coffee beans, some house-made Dulce de Leche, and whole scraped and chopped Madagascar Vanilla Beans. The culmination of this monstrosity of maltitude is a salted caramel frappuccino, topped with toasted walnut fudge, and affogato over tiramisu.