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Immortal Chalice

Immortal Chalice Camp Stout with Cloud Cover Coffee

Memories we had to forget. Reminders we couldn’t evade. These are mountains we must now climb. When we were handed a death letter for a beloved ale many years ago, we vowed to never allow the rationality of closure to become us. We entered a place of petty childish and allowed it blossom. And here we are with our 4th rebirth of the one we called Cup. This time we asked our friends at Other Half to help. Many a cup were filled with these same fellows, so when they started Cloud Cover Coffee we felt it essential to have them lend their part. We favor Guzman Féria coffee beans here, which add loads of stone fruit, dark chocolate and an overwhelming sense of comfort to our pithy campfire stout. Warm up with us. The grudge shall embolden us all.

Other Ingredients