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I’m Glad I’m Not Going Anymore It’s Totally Miserable Out There

Imperial Stout with Roasted Pecans, Vanilla, Cinnamon, Maple Syrup, and Sea Salt

It was inevitable that the thoughts would unravel. From peaks of elegance to caverns of disdain. And the teetering banter became an endless rant we celebrated as so very human. This year, we collaborated with Other Half to bring a new layer of depth to our 2019 tale. We are pushing all the boundaries we know in stout-making to deliver the perfect seasonal expose, elevating our typical stout base with a record dose of dark sugars and candy syrup before aging with Forestry Camp-roasted pecans, maple syrup, Madagascar vanilla bean, Spicewalla Vietnamese cinnamon, and touch of sea salt. Marvel in cascading praline waffle batter, chocolatey pecan pie filling, and cinnamon bun frosting right from the oven.